We are Mood Seasons

 We create fragrances to sync your mood to your scent. Giving you the ability to express your inner and outer intricacies through the least understood of all human senses - smell.



First there was ONE, Then there were TWO!

The C.E.O

"When everyone else around you says it can't be done, assume it can, figure out why not and change that!" 

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The Sensual Woman

"If we're going to do this, we have to do it now and make sure it's bloody brilliant!"


The Mood Seasons story began one evening in a busy market square where our CEO, a "Frag Head" and amateur perfumer dared to ask two very important questions.


"Where can I get 100 of those?"

"Why do perfume oils seem to only come in roll-on bottles?"

Four flights, A Christmas holiday, and a dozen camel sightings later, Mood Seasons was born. Comprised merely of a bedroom lab chemistry set, accounting knowledge and lots and lots of free samples in exchange for honest reviews

He needed help! 

That's when a Sensual Woman stepped in!

The two worked tirelessly together with a small team of supportive, open-minded and creative individuals to create Mood Seasons as you see it today.

We officially launched in May 2020. Since then, our premium quality perfume oils have taken the market by storm with the highest of standards, reinforced by the wonderful reviews from our very own customers! Long projection, soothing to the nose and uniquely in a league of its own.

Join the family by purchasing your very own Mood Seasons scent Now!

We aim to give our customers:

Premium quality      |       Scents that tell a story      |        Vast selection

At Mood Seasons, we believe people should be able to benefit from a huge range of scents, so you can step in and out of your "comfort zone".

We understand that there are certain scents that our customers have become accustomed to, hence we produce the highest quality of Perfume Oils inspired by your popular market brands - as well as our own original scents.

Just as our mood and the seasons change, our scents should be able to reflect this.

We look forward to becoming your new favourite.